The first meeting will be held tomorrow Friday, June 21st at the headquarters of the Attorney General’s Office. The work group will analyze the stability of the area used to develop Hidroituango, it will establish its environmental impact and define the continuity or suspension of the project.

Thanks to technical expert´s reports that showed serious damages to environmental resources due to the works related to the construction of Ituango Hydroelectric (Hidroituango) and the request for precautionary measures made before a judge (control de garantias) to protect the communities located near Cauca river, the General Attorney’s Office managed to create a work group that will evaluate the project’s impact and its continuity.

The Office of the Attorney General´s statements were approved by the 75th Municipal judge of Bogotá who stated in a public hearing on June 12nd: “it is clear that natural resources have been damaged due to alleged breach of the regulations surrounding the environmental license and with the development of project (Hidroituango)”.

In that sense, the judge issued two precautionary measures to protect the right to life, health, dignified life and environment of residents living near Hidroituango project.