Former president of Ecopetrol, Javier Genaro Gutiérrez Pemberthy; and other former employees of this state oil company will be accused as alleged perpetrators of unfair administration and obtaining a false public document.

The Office of the Attorney General filed a bill of indictment against three former members of Reficar´s Board of Directors of and a former president of Ecopetrol who were investigated for alleged irregularities detected in a project aimed at modernizing and expanding the refinery named Refinería de Cartagena.

The prosecutor hearing the case and the group of investigators who have revealed the biggest scandal of corruption in the country established that people who is currently being prosecuted, hidden financial information in year 2013 which reflected a negative reality of the project. In this way, they assured that more resources were allocated by Ecopetrol, even when it was not profitable for the company and would generate losses