Within the framework of the XXVI General Assembly of the Ibero-American Association of Public Prosecutors, the Attorney General in Colombia Néstor Humberto Martínez Neira and his counterparts in Chile, Jorge Abbott, and Ecuador, Edwin Paúl Pérez Reina held a meeting to discuss issues related to cooperation in the fight against drugs.

During the event, all three representatives agreed to set up joint investigation teams in order to  fight against buses used to traffic drugs (denominated ‘narcobuses’ in Spanish) and as a  mechanism to facilitate drug transportation between these countries.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Attorney General in Colombia was informed about two other shipments coming from the country, that were seized as a result of  investigations carried out by Ecuador and Chile. Therefore, international judicial authorities would have evidence of at least 6 operations of commercialization of  marijuana that have been conducted in the last six months.