The Deputy Attorney General, Jorge Torres Fernando Perdomo, and the Director of the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Carlos Eduardo Valdés, were visited by the European Union Ambassador, Maria Antonia Van Gool, to set out the operation of the Institute and to strengthen their development through international cooperation.

The visit also counted with the assistance of the first Cooperation Counselor of the European Union, Ivo Hoefkens; the Interior Counselor of Spain Embassy, José Antonio Togores; the Consular attache of Germany Embassy, Claudia Kilp, and other officials of the National Institute of Legal Medicine.

During the day it announced the delivery of resources from the European Union to Institute, to launch the project of mobile units, which aims to reach populations where it has no headquarters the medico-legal entity, to carry out the post-mortem examinations.

Next year the European Union make delivery of six mobile units, three of them for the Institute and others for the technical investigation Corps (CTI).

Moreover, the cooperation will also be focused on strengthening the Virtual Campus that currently manages the School of Studies and Criminal Investigations and Forensic Sciences of the Attorney General’s Office.