The Office of the Deputy Assistant Attorney General of Colombia has upheld the indictment issued against Aníbal Jorge Visbal Martelo, who was charged with aggravated conspiracy to commit crimes.

Visbal Martelo is prosecuted for the facts related to his alleged involvement in the promotion of subversive groups linked with AUC (United Self-Defense of Colombia) between 1997 and its demobilization.

The investigation against him began at the request of the Criminal Division – Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia through attested copies of statements provided by Iván Roberto Duque, alias Ernesto Báez to that Corporation.

Based on those statements, The Office of the Attorney General of Colombia ordered the taking of evidence in the United States, among other, the statements of Salvatore Mancuso and alias Diego Fernando Murillo Bejarano, alias Don Berna, which were considered to uphold the indictment.