The Office of the Attorney-General of Colombia will bring charges against the wife of former Senator Ivan Moreno Rojas for extortion because of her intervention during the building work process of the road Bogota – Girardot (Cundinamarca).

Last Friday, March 8, the accusing entity has presented the request which has been scheduled for next April 24 at 10:30 a.m., explained Deputy Assistant Attorney General of Colombia, Jorge Fernando Perdomo.

The civil servant reported that Mrs. Lucy de Moreno will be accused as co-conspirator on the grounds that she, from the hand of her husband, asked members of the Nule Group to hand over gas stations, as a lease, located on the road Bogota – Girardot which was building by the mentioned business group.

“She and her husband took advantage of the Nule group’s interest to continue contracting with Capital District entities,” said Perdomo.