For alleged irregularities in contracts, on March 19 and 22, the Unit of Delegate Prosecutor’s Offices before the Supreme Court of Justice will accused former Secretary of Health of Bogotá, Héctor Zambrano, and the former President of the Council of the capital of the country, Hipólito Moreno, before a Supervising judge.

The facts are relevant to a contract concluded in 2009 for the provision of the ambulance service in Bogotá amounting to Cop $ 67,000 million.

For this case the Prosecutor’s Office will charge the former Secretary of Health with counts of undue interest in entering contracts, bribery, embezzlement and contract without compliance legal requirements.

In the case related to the former President of the Council of Bogota, Hipólito Moreno, the Prosecutor in charge of the investigation will accuse him for undue interest in entering contracts and bribery.