The Colombia’s Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Jorge Fernando Perdomo Torres, by referring to the further absence of the defendant Álvaro Dávila Peña at the accusation hearing, he advised that it counts on the tools to ensure that suspects are brought to the justice and therefore it is requesting the declaration of contumacy in order to advance the proceedings without the presence of the suspect.

“The Attorney General Office is not going to allow that the fact continues happening and makes a forceful appeal to the judges with a view to use all the procedural tools to make appear, so be it by force, those who have the obligation to attend the hearings and they do not”, argued the Deputy Assistant Attorney General to journalists and reporters at the Paloquemao Judicial complex in Bogotá.

As of the declaration of contumacy, the imposition of a precautionary measure may be later requested, Perdomo Torres, explained. Peña Dávila is prosecuted for his alleged involvement in the irregularities found in the works contracting for Bogotá city.

It is the seventh time that this individual does not appear in hearing; the senior official recalled and considered that each one of its excuses Dávila intends to delay the case still against him.

Perdomo Torres continued:  with his conduct, Álvaro Dávila Peña, is ending all the possibilities in order to reach an agreement.  In the time elapsed of the current Attorney-General administration, this person does not attend on two occasions, added Perdomo Torres.

It is necessary that the suspects know that the Colombia’s Attorney General Office is not willing to continue with the game that they want to play with the justice, he concluded.