Today, Dr. Jorge Fernando Perdomo Torres, Colombian Deputy Attorney General, has guaranteed the access to the Attorney General Head Office – Bunker – to officials who want to go back work and, at the same time, he has pointed out that the right to protest will be respected to those who want to keep the work suspended.

“Social protest is a constitutional right and we respect those who wish to remain in work stoppage,” said the senior official.

Perdomo Torres made a special appeal to those who have chosen to carry on protesting, so they return to their work. The Attorney General has been very clear in the process since he has acted as intermediary between officials who protest and the National Government, “for that reason, we consider that the service should be resumed”.

The Deputy Attorney General stated that the determination is taken in order to “give concrete results” to citizens about criminal proceedings that are being carried out.

Precisely in order to prevent disturbance in the work, the Attorney General Office had established a contingency plan that allowed the execution of several legal proceedings during the strike, he explained.

As for citizenship service, “it is believed that in the next few days services to the public will be re-established “.  Dr. Perdomo Torres said.