He earned a Law Degree from Universidad Libre de Bogotá. He majored in procedural law, criminal law. He has a master’s degree in this latter area. Since the beginning of his professional experience, Quevedo Castillo has been linked to the practice of law, initially as a litigant. Then he joined the Office of the Attorney General in an open competition in which he began as Local Prosecutor. He became a sectional prosecutor, regional prosecutor and head of several Sectional Units until 2001. 

Due to personal reasons, he did not continue working at the Office of the Attorney General. He joined the Ombudsman’s Office and then, he became a lawyer to externally represent the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs (Direccion de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales DIAN). Again, as of 2014, he joined the Attorney General’s Office as a prosecutor appointed to the Special Directorate against Money Laundering. 

The mission goals have been developed in the special task force that addresses DIAN cases and that was created due to the serious damage caused to the State through sales tax refunds. A criminal organization operating at national level for these purposes, was dismantled. At the same time, he successfully led multiple investigations related to various types of large-scale smuggling cases, especially textiles and footwear. 

All these activities, in addition to the academic ones, allowed Quevedo Castillo to acquire knowledge about investigations on criminal behaviors that threaten the economic, social order, security and public administration which led to a recognition by the Delegate Office Against the Criminal Finances and the Directorate against Money Laundering in 2019. In December 2015, he was also awarded the medal ‘Medalla Intendente Calixto Niño Monroy-Policía Fiscal y Aduanera’ by the National Police for joint successful investigations.