She earned a Law Degree from Universidad La Gran Colombia. She majored in Criminal Law and Criminology at Universidad Libre de Colombia. 

She has been in the Judicial Branch for 34 years. She began as a judge of mixed jurisdiction Juez Primera Promiscuo Municipal in Pitalito (Huila). She was also Municipal Judge, of the Circuit, Special Judge and of Law Enforcement. 

She joined the Office of the Attorney General on July 1, 1992. Since then, she has been a prosecutor in the Special Unit against Terrorism, against kidnapping and Extortion; and for 15 years she has been a Delegate prosecutor before the Court of Justice and Peace. Recently, she was part of the Directorate of Support of Investigation and Analysis against Organized Crime (Dirección de Apoyo a la Investigación y Análisis contra la Criminalidad Organizada) 

She has been the representative of the Office of the Attorney General in the operational committee on the laying down of arms (Comité Operativo para la Dejación de las Armas CODA in Spanish) for 20 years.