He is an officer (on active duty) of the National Police who was born in the city of Palmira, Valle del Cauca. He has 24 years of professional experience. He is agronomist and he graduated from Universidad de Colombia and he is also professional in Criminalistics. 

Throughout his career, he held prominent positions in the National Police as Regional Coordinator of Criminalistics at DIJIN. In 2019, he was selected to learn the good practices in police activities in the French Gendarmerie that were applied in his participation in the improvement of different processes at the Colombian National Police. 

He is pilot with 17 years of experience. He participated in different intelligence operations against criminal organizations throughout the national territory with relevant successes for the national security. In addition, he was in charge of humanitarian missions and the transfer of United Nations personnel due to the earthquake that took place on the island of Haiti in 2010. 

In November 2020, he joined the Office of the Attorney General as a liaison officer with the National Police.