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Delegate Director – Office against Organized Crime

Javier Enrique García Trochez. He holds a law degree from Universidad Sergio Arboleda. He majored in Administrative Law at the same university.

For 20 years, he worked at the Attorney General’s Office. He joined the Office of the Attorney General in 2000 as assistant for local prosecutors’ offices in Bogotá. He worked at the Office of Internal Control and the Victims and Witness Protection Unit located at the central office.

He was local prosecutor of the former Fifth Unit and served as delegate prosecutor before the judges of the circuit – Unit on crimes against property and motor vehicles.

He was coordinator of the unit (Unidad de Estructura de Apoyo (EDA)) in Bogotá for five years. There, he achieved outstanding outcomes as a result of dismantling criminal networks involved in murders, drug trafficking, thefts and frauds.