Based on the stages of sustainability and consolidation of the investigation methodology implemented by the Special Investigation Unit, investigation projects have been organized to strategically impact those criminal organizations that victimize specific populations such as human rights defenders and individuals in process of reincorporation. Additionally, said projects are intended to clarify offenses even against the civil population.

The general purpose of the Projects is to impact, in a strategic way, criminal organizations responsible for serious offenses against prioritized population (former Farc members in process of reincorporation, their families and human rights defenders), as well as those those under the jurisdiction of the Special Investigation Unit by association of any of these situations: killings, forced displacement, forced disappearance and the threats by these same organizations against the population in general.

Up to september 30, 2020

Closer to people and territories 2020

2020 En la Calle y en los territorios

Since 2020, and under the administration of the current Attorney General, Mr. Francisco R. Barbosa Delgado, we have sought to strengthen these structural investigations by applying the case-association methodology. This has resulted in the identification of criminal patterns that, besides explaining the killings committed against human rights defenders, significantly affect criminal organizations thereby achieving significant progress.

At the moment, there are 12 projects for the investigation of 176 offenses committed against human rights defenders, reinstated members of the FARC, their families and civilians, with 242 victims. Progress has been achieved in clarifying 130 of these cases.

242 Victims:
62 Human rights defenders.
76 Reinstated members.
104 Civilians, State and Public Force.

Antioquia: AGC Clan del Golfo (west substructure) and FARC dissidences (Front 18 y 36).
Putumayo: FARC dissidences (Front 48, La Mafia or Sinaloa) and FARC dissidences (Front 1).
Norte del Cauca: FARC dissidences (Front 6 Columna Móvil Dagoberto Ramos Ortiz).
Norte de Santander: EPL (GAO Pelusos).
Meta: FARC dissidences (Jorge Briseño Columna 40 y 7).
Bajo Cauca sur de Córdoba: GAO (Caparros).
Riosucio: AGC Clan del Golfo (Pablo José Montalvo Cuitiva).
Huila: FARC dissidences (Columna Teófilo Forero).
Tumaco: FARC dissidences (Guerrillas Unidas del Pacífico or Contadores).
Arauca: FARC dissidences (Front 10).
Caquetá: FARC dissidences 62 (Jorge Briseño).
Sur de Bolívar: ELN (Front Darío de Jesús Ramírez Castro).

EPL: Ejército Popular de Liberación; Popular Liberation Army GAO: Grupos Armados Organizados; Organized Armed Groups ELN: Ejército de Liberación Nacional; National Liberation Army FARC: Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia; Colombian Armed Revolutionary Forces AGC: Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia; Colombian Gatianist Self-Defenses