Pastor Álvaro Javier Gámez Torres was accused
12 , 2013February | 3:12 PM | Pasto (Nariño)

The evangelical pastor Álvaro Javier Gámez Torres and Johanna Alexandra Castro Becerra have been charged with counts of sexual intercourse and carnal knowledge of a person unable to resist by a Prosecutor’s Office before the 2° Specialized Court in Pasto city.

Facts are referring to actions happened in the congregation temple known as Church of Salem, where apparently Gámez Torres abused his parishioners, by convincing them that it was an act of praise to God. According to the investigation, 27 women have been victims of this well-known person.

At the hearing, the defense requested to decree the procedural nullity to the robed judge, but he refused it, and this decision was appealed to the Superior Court of Pasto (Nariño).


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