14 alleged members of alias Megateo’s organization were arrested with a view to extradition
11 , 2012September | 1:04 PM | Bogotá

Fourteen individuals required by the United States Law, as alleged members of alias Megateo’s drug trafficking organization, were arrested by the Technical Investigation Team (CTI), after a jointly investigation with DEA and Colombia National Army and Navy.

During last Monday at night and Tuesday, September 11 in the morning, in the course of the operation called Golden Eagle which was two years long approximately, it was carried out two arrests in Medellín, six in Bogotá, five in Norte de Santander Department and one in Villavicencio city, Deputy Attorney General, Dr. Jorge Fernando Perdomo Torres explained.  Applications for extraditions were submitted to the Colombia Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the request of U.S. South District Court of Florida, where federal offences of narcotics and money laundering are entailed on the arrested individual, in different trials.

“These individuals would be devoted to trade in narcotics drugs toward Europe and United States.” “The process began with the purchase of coca base in Catatumbo area and they take it to their laboratories, where it was refined in order to send it abroad,” Dr. PerdomoTorres explained.

The group led by Víctor Navarro Serrano, alias Megateo, executed money laundering operations from drug trafficking through three money exchange offices in Bogotá.

During inquiries, the criminal organization would be sent not less than two-ton and a half of cocaine abroad.

There are 15 criminal proceedings by the Prosecutor’s Office against alias Megateo.


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