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57 members of the ‘Los Rastrojos’ gang has been condemned in Chocó during 2012 | 8 de January de 2013 | 12:09 PM | Bulletin 2304

Fifty-seven members of the ‘Los Rastrojos’ gang who commit crimes in an area close to the banks of the Atrato and San Juan rivers, in the Department of Chocó, were condemned by criminal judges of the specialized circuit of Quibdo, during the last six months. The National Unit of Prosecutor’s Offices against Emerging Gangs (in […] Read complete news

Second workshop for Judicial Journalists/Reporters | 6 de December de 2012 | 11:11 AM

In Medellín judicial journalists/reporters are participating in the second workshop “Guidelines for an appropriate processing of the judicial information”, coordinated by Colombia´s Attorney General’s Office and with the support of the United States Embassy Read complete news

Chief of Police has been remanded in custody for drug trafficking | 4 de December de 2012 | 8:25 AM | Bulletin 2156

The chief of police Diego Humberto Rueda Ramirez and the civil María Lucila Castaño de Torres have been remanded in custody for drug trafficking by the Third Roving and Mixed Jurisdiction Court in Medellin, acting as Supervising Court, which accepted the arguments and evidence material submitted by the prosecutor’s office in charge of the case. […] Read complete news

For peasants’ massacres in Antioquia, new preventive detention order was issued | 27 de November de 2012 | 9:53 AM | Bulletin 2128

The Third Criminal Municipal Roving Court in Antioquia, acting as Supervising Court, was agreed to the prosecutor’s office request and imposed a Preventive Detention Order against Ramiro Antonio Alberto Pérez Castro, alias “Cáscara” for allegedly having taken part in the armed raid which 10 peasants lost their lives in Santa Rosa de Osos town – […] Read complete news

Members of a gang has been remanded in custody for police officer killings | 8 de November de 2012 | 11:08 AM | Bulletin 2076

Once endorsed the evidence material submitted by the prosecution, six alleged members of “La Cañada gang has been remanded in custody by the 2° roving Criminal Court in Medellín, acting as Supervisory Court, for alleged involvement in the killing of an officer and two patrol officers of the Colombian National Police. The following individuals were […] Read complete news

A paramilitary member was found guilty of kidnapping and displacement | 24 de October de 2012 | 1:37 PM

After endorsing the plea bargain procedure held between the parties, Alberto García Sevilla, alias Móvil Nueve, has been sentenced to 23 years and 3 months imprisonment by the Attached Specialized Criminal Court of the Circuit of Quibdó for the kidnapping of four peasants and forced displacement of many peasants in Riosucio (Chocó). On June 6, […] Read complete news

“Los Rastrojos” ringleader was remanded in custody | 15 de September de 2012 | 8:18 AM | Bulletin 960

Juan Bautista Orrego Agudelo, alleged ringleader of “Los Rastrojos” gang in the northeastern Antioquia, was affected with a remand in custody by the First Special Circuit Criminal Court fighting against criminal gangs in Antioquia Department, which accepted the request submitted by the Prosecutor’s Office, regarding this subject. The individual, who is on remand at present, […] Read complete news

A Conviction to gang members of the “Comuna” thirteen in Medellín | 10 de August de 2012 | 8:00 AM | Bulletin 937

Acting as presiding judge, the Fourth Special Circuit Penal Judge in Medellín, announced a conviction against eight members of “La Quiebra” gang whose criminal actions included homicides, extortion, forced displacement, firearms dealing and narcotic drugs trafficking in the “Comuna” thirteen in the capital of Antioquia. In accordance with the investigation led by a Prosecutor assigned […] Read complete news

An individual will serve more than 33 years of imprisonment for the murder of his neighbor | 10 de August de 2012 | 7:58 AM | Bulletin 936

Based on collected evidences, the Attorney General proved, beyond every reasonable doubt, the responsibility of José Ferney Ceballos Agudelo in the murder of his neighbor María Piedad Morales Zapata and the Thirteen Circuit Penal Judge in Medellín, acting as presiding judge, sentenced him to thirty three years and four months of imprisonment. Investigators determined that […] Read complete news

Nine members of “Los Rastrojos” gang were sentenced | 10 de August de 2012 | 7:57 AM | Bulletin 935

The Second Special Penal Circuit Judge Attached to Antioquia pronounced full validation of evidences produced by the Attorney General Office and convicted to nine members of the “Los Rastrojos” gang who committed crimes to the northeast of Antioquia. Jadison Andrés Usme Ciro, alias Elías, Eduardo Betín Lucas, alias Moncholo, John Alexánder Novoa Muñetón, alias Yordany, […] Read complete news

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