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“Los Rastrojos” ringleader was remanded in custody | 15 , September 2012 | 8:18 AM | Bulletin 960

Juan Bautista Orrego Agudelo, alleged ringleader of “Los Rastrojos” gang in the northeastern Antioquia, was affected with a remand in custody by the First Special Circuit Criminal Court fighting against criminal gangs in Antioquia Department, which accepted the request submitted by the Prosecutor’s Office, regarding this subject. The individual, who is on remand at present, […] See more

An individual will serve more than 33 years of imprisonment for the murder of his neighbor | 10 , August 2012 | 7:58 AM | Bulletin 936

Based on collected evidences, the Attorney General proved, beyond every reasonable doubt, the responsibility of José Ferney Ceballos Agudelo in the murder of his neighbor María Piedad Morales Zapata and the Thirteen Circuit Penal Judge in Medellín, acting as presiding judge, sentenced him to thirty three years and four months of imprisonment. Investigators determined that […] See more

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